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Light Up – Experience the Better Than Plaster Art Lightbox

Updated: Dec 16, 2019

Have you ever felt that pictures lose some of their vibrancy in the transition from screen to reality? I noticed it a lot – until the day I visited a gallery that exhibited photography in a lightbox, an idea I thought was ingenious! The thing is, building your own lightbox is kind of expensive, so I gave up on this idea.

Ryan Sneddon, Even the Strongest will Fall – I

When I discovered Better Than Plaster (BTP) and their art lightboxes, I had a “Eureka!” 💡 moment. Placed in a lightbox, the picture beamed with inner light, making the artistic experience even more powerful. It really brought the picture to life and lent it richness and depth.

I was inspired when I met the people of BTP, who were full of energy and enthusiasm. They came up with this idea because they feel great art deserves to be seen. The lightbox helps to lift the artwork and make it more visible and dramatic. Their mission is to promote emerging artists, of various mediums and from different countries, and enable them to live off their work and talent.

I'm so happy to be the one that is bringing this to you, and even more so - I managed to get a special discount for SO-ART readers. look for the coupon details at the end.

Alexis Hinkley, Nowhere, by day and night

Browsing through BTP’s website is fun – you can discover new artists and learn the story behind each of them. I find that when I know more about an artist, it helps me to relate even more to the artwork and discover new layers of thought and meaning in it. I was touched, for instance, to learn how photography liberated Alexis Hinkley and gave her the strength to break out of an abusive relationship. The artists and artworks on BTP are hand-picked by the staff, and they are adding new artists all the time. You can apply here.

Omer Ga'ash, Untitled

I know some of you are looking for something beautiful and interesting to put on your wall, but you are a bit intimidated by the notion of acquiring a work of art. BTP is making it really easy and affordable. The best thing about BTP is that you know you are supporting an emerging artist, putting a smile on their face, and allowing them to continue creating. That is such a great feeling!

That said, sometimes it’s difficult to commit to an artwork. I feel our generation is all about choices – we want to know that we are not bound to just one option. With BTP it’s easy. Once you have the lightbox itself, you can order a different insert and instantly have a new artwork, which gives any space a different vibe and atmosphere. In the future, you might be able to subscribe and receive new artworks for your lightbox on a regular basis. This way, the BTP people will surprise you every time with something new and will help you to develop your personal taste. And of course, don’t forget you are supporting the artists.

Kousuke Kitajima, Snow Monkeys

Anything for Anybody?

You might say that not every artwork is suitable for a lightbox, and you are right! The artworks that benefit most are the ones in which the element of light is central to them. You’d think that outdoor photography and sci-fi illustrations are the usual suspects, but I found that almost every image with a light-shade background is a good candidate – it’s just glowing!

Another thing I discovered browsing through the website is that BTP is not only for photography but for many other art forms: in addition to a photographer from Japan, you can find a sculptor from Israel, an illustration artist from the UK, a painter from Poland, a poet from the USA, and many more interesting artists and creators.

Ayelet Raziel, Life Goals

I tried to pick my favorite artwork and ended up with so many open tabs, it was so difficult to choose. I loved the way the ocean breaks into land on Ryan Sneddon’s Even the Strongest will Fall – I; Kousuke Kitajima’s Snow Monkeys made me want to jump into a hot tub; Natalia Drepina’s October Spiral took me for a walk in the garden of the subconscious mind; I was moved by the two naked bodies by Omer Ga'ash; and I smiled at Life Goals by Ayelet Raziel. I especially thought the idea of putting a lightbox like Mor Zohar’s Rocky Raccoon in a child’s room is clever, as it can replace a night-light and offer some comfort.

Mor Zohar, Rocky Raccoon

The Technical Stuff

Honestly, there’s not much to it. You receive a large, well-designed cardboard box with everything in it, including nuts, bolts and instructions. You need to figure out if you want to hang the lightbox vertically or horizontally, depending on your chosen artwork. Then you need to find the perfect spot (don’t forget, it needs to be close to a socket) and mount it on the wall following the instructions. Here are some pictures.


On my kitchen wall

The Bottom Line and... a Discount

Overall, I think the Better Than Plaster art lightbox is a cool present to yourself. It will change the personality of your room, help you develop your artistic taste without making a substantial investment, and on top of that, you will be supporting artists and designers.

Lucky for you, SO-ART readers, I was able to negotiate a 15% discount on all art of Better Than Plaster site. Just enter so-artBTP and you've got yourself beautiful art (that cost a little less).

Natalia Drepina’s October Spiral
Natalia Drepina, October Spiral



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