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Best Free Online Art Movies

One of my best self-indulgent habits is watch movies about art and artists.

There are so many great stories out there, you just need to lay back and watch.

The tricky part is that many of these movies are not available free online. But no worries! I did all the hard work and compiled here a list with direct links to all the best movies that you can watch free of charge with no hassle of registration or compromising your privacy.

Are you ready?

Let’s delve right in.



A film by Julian Schnabel, mostly known as an artist.

The movie tells the story of Jean-Michael Basquiat from his days as an anonymous street artist, through his meteoric success, until his tragic death.

The film is paved with movie stars such as Garry Oldmann, Jeffrey Wright and Dennis Hopper, but the one who definitely steels the show is David Bowie, playing the role of Andy Warhol, with whom Basquiat had complex relationship.



If you haven’t seen this one yet, it is about time.

It tells the story of Dutch painter Johannes Vermeer and his best-known painting –Girl with a Pearl Earring.

Even if you’ve seen it before, allow Scarlett Johansson and Colin Firth transport you to 17 century Delft. The plot is basically a love triangle, but it gives us a fantastic view of the everyday life in those times, artists status and the practicalities of painting 400 years ago.


Jackson Pollock

Telling the story of abstract expressionist Jackson Pollock was a 10 year project for actor Ed Harris who also directed this film.

Pollock was able to offer something fresh and deliver it to the right people, and so became a star. However, his self-destructing character brought his tragic and sudden death.


vincent van gogh

It is very unusual to make a fully illustrated movie about an artist, but I’m so glad they made this one.

There are quite a few movies made about Vincent Van Gogh, an artist that does not cease to fascinate humanity.

This movie takes a detective angle, as a young man is going on a quest to learn how did Vincent die. The whole movie is hand drawn in a manner characteristic to Van Gogh’s painting and it is absolutely delighting.


Andy Garcia plays the part of the Italian artist coming to make it big in Paris, where he befriends artists like Soutine and Braque in Montparnasse. His greatest frienemy is Pablo Picasso, whom he admires.

This is a story of art, of forbidden love between a Catholic and a Jew, disease and suicide.

Not only movies, mini-series too:



The mini-series brings to life 19th century Paris, unfolding the inception of the most popular art movement (spoiler: back then it wasn’t so popular).

You will see the friendships, intrigues and of course the romances of the young bold painters: Monet, Manet, Renoir, Degas and their friends.

This series has three episodes:

Watch it here: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3



Last but not least is this sweeping mini-series telling the story of the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood: Four young artists formed a secret fraternity in Victorian London, undermining the conservative art scene. Their paintings were marvelously bold and beautiful, and they led the life of exciting bohemians. Eventually they penetrated the establishment and for a while defined the bon ton.

This series tells their story quite accurately (it’s easier when you have such daring and reckless characters).

I binged all six episodes and enjoyed it immensely.

My next post is about the best Art Documentaries - watch this space...



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